FOUCH SOFTWARE's main expertise is designing custom database applications for companies.

We provide a complete database solution for most any small to medium sized company.

We start from the ground up, with your exact requirements in mind. Where we can, we use proven screens, and where we need to to we custom build all the functions and features your problem requires.

Our software is designed with the end user in mind. We design our software to be very efficient and easy to use. Our motto is "To have the software work for you, not have you work for the software."

Key Benefits

You get exactly what you want. Not an over-complicated collection of bells and whistles.
No need to work around someone else's product. Our software solutions are specifically designed with your specific needs in mind.
Over 17 years experience designing and writing database solutions.
No need to hire extra employees and have all the over head that they involve.
Increased Security. Each user can be limited to specific functions that their job requires. They see only what you want them to.
All of our software is Y2K compliant. We store all our information in either a Microsoft Access 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database, which are both Y2K compliant.


Over 15 years designing and writing databases.
We have much experience with inventory control software.
Standard Products
We design our databases in Microsoft® Access® and create the application in Microsoft® Visual Basic®.
This insures that our products remain compatible with other software on your system.
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP
All our software is designed to work with all standard Microsoft® Windows® environments.
Unfortunately the development tools we use only support 32-bit applications, therefore we cannot support Microsoft® Windows® 3.1

Reference Accounts

The following are some companies that FOUCH SOFTWARE has done work for.

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